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    hi, I'm not a stranger to video editing (premiere 6.5), however, not done it for a while untill a recent fishing trip casting a flyline, the finished product on DVD was not of a good enough quality as viewed on a HD ready television, therefore a raid on a piggy bank is on the cards
    Having read the reviews about this camera (SD)they sounded good untill the remarks on this forum, has anybody tried this camera with good results ?
    My intentions are to put my filming onto blue ray so more expense for a burner and software ,possibly MOVIE PLUS X5 or even the free download off this forum as i only require basic varying video speeds and effects


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    The camera looks like a reasonable choice. HAve you upgraded you PC hardware since editing in Premiere 6.5?
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    Yes Marc, an ALDI MULTIMEDIA AKOYA P34592 Windows Vista , apperently it boasts a decent spec. current camera Panasonic NV-DS38
    My only concern with the camera in question is Its the storage media, memory card SD as opposed to tape, providing Iget noticable better results with new equipment i'll be happy.

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    Memory cards beats tape hands down as a media format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    Memory cards beats tape hands down as a media format.
    So long as you remember to copy them twice before overwriting them - once for the current project and once for archive. The beauty of tape is you capture it then chuck it in a draw so you've got the original source material forever.
    But in all seriousness, certainly at the consumer end, tape is a dead duck. (Dead Duck Tape?)
    The SD900 is an excellent camera. But check out its predecessor - the SD700 (or the TM700 with built in flash memory as well as using SD card). If you don't want the 3D add-on capability, there's little difference and you can save yourself quite a bit.

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    I have the SD700, pretty much the same thing but without 3D. its a decent enough camera but be aware if you record in very quiet environments noise from the internal fan can be picked up. battery life is good external mic/headphone sockets and very smooth manual focus ring add to trhe experience

    You do need a decent'ish spec PC to cope with the AVCHD files especially at 50fps.

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    My pc is 32 bit, considering all the above its the PC that may not be man enough for the job, as I see its only the editing part that may give me grief, it wont be in premiere unfortunately, providing the capture, edit (please recommend ) and burning can be done, albeit at a slugs pace thats fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    I have the old model (SD9) and for a small camera it's pretty impressive. Compared with the cameras that went before, HD to SD card is so simple. The computer spec is laden with impress the consumer figures - 500Gb is not a huge amount of storage for HD video? The video card probably won't be supported by Adobe - if you are considering the new version of premiere (which may also cost a fair bit).

    So I'd assume that unless you want real pro features, the camera will be fine for you. Your computer will be a tad underpowered and under specified, but will probably do. The latest version of Premiere need 64 bit windows - is that on your machine? Unless you intend being really into production, it should work for you.

    Negative points on my camera (I use it as a small backup) are vertical smear - pretty bad in low light when a bright light is in frame (think car headlights) and a somewhat slow zoom that is a bit unresponsive at slow speeds - and a manual focus system not worth even trying to use.

    I love the pictures, though!
    I also think so.
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