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Thread: Vegas HD Platinum not recognising a Lagarith lossless codec

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    Default Vegas HD Platinum not recognising a Lagarith lossless codec

    I installed this using the installer provided on their website
    Lagarith Lossless Video Codec

    and it shows up on the Gspot codec listing feature, but Vegas does not
    offer it in its list of output options.

    The objective is to find a way to output edited video in a lossless manner, for final processing by Handbrake. I am making reasonable quality web videos, using Handbrake's "Iphone4" 1mbit/sec preset option. This works well over most wifi connections.

    Currently I am using the Sony AVC/MVC HD 1920x1080-50P output option. This is the highest quality I can find in Vegas. I wonder if it de-interlaces the ex-Canon camcorder 50i output? I can't tell by
    looking. It is obviously compressed because the camera (Canon Legria G10) output which is about 160MB/minute (highest MXP setting) reduces to about 100MB/minute in this Sony format.

    Vegas also offers a 1920x1080-50i AVI option, which is "obviously" uncompressed because the output file is about 4GB/minute. This gets a bit ridiculous for a video of any size...

    I believe the Lagarith codec is lossless but compressing, so the video should come out a similar size to what goes in.

    How can one get Vegas to recognise an externally installed codec, and which codec (or output option) would you people recommend for the best quality transfer to Handbrake?

    One could argue that for a 1mbit/sec final output it doesn't matter much...

    I have uploaded various test clips here
    Peter's Website
    and you can see both the original (.mts) files from the camera as well as some of the final versions.

    Vegas is a smooth program and far better than Premiere Elements or Pinnacle, both of which crash all the time.

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    Does anybody here know how to add output (rendering) options to Vegas?

    Currently I don't see any "lossless" but compressing options.

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    not possible, most export and then render down,

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