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Thread: infinity minus?

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    Default infinity minus?

    What does infinity minus mean when focusing?
    (sideways figure 8 with a - sign next to it).

    I'm using a Cannon XF100.

    + My tripod vibrates when camcorder powered from mains via power supply? Does yours?

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    When you flick onto the infinity symbol with the focus switch it sets the foucus as long as it can. and then goes back to manual focus mode. ie things in the distance are "in focus".

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    Default yes but!

    I'm on constant manual focus!

    And I do have an infinity symbol.
    BUT I also get another setting which is the infinity symbol with a "MINUS" symbol next to it.

    Whats the difference between the two settings?

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    Set your camera so that it is focused on something close then point it at something distant. Now, while looking at the view finder flip the infinity button and you will see that the distant object goes from being out of focus to "in focus".

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    Yes I understand how focusing works!
    And Understand that"infinity" focus means as long as it can go!

    BUT when I manually focus using the big wheelie thing on the front of the camera it goes all the way down to "infinity" and THEN goes to INFINITY - (minus) (i.e a small minus sign next to the infinity symbol!!!
    I do not have an infinity switch on the XF100 (although I could set one if I wished!)

    So whats the difference between INFINITY and (when i turn the focus further) INFINITY MINUS?

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    Ok I looked in the manual for you and this is what is says:

    minus infinity indicates over infinity focus. ! To infinity and beyond.

    Someone one on another forum explained it as "It's kinda like "11" on Spinal Tap's amp".

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    Very good.
    I have actually read the manual myself before posting this question.

    SO what does "over infinity" mean then?
    How can something be further away that it is possible to be?
    Is it just for shooting Toy Story Films or for focusing on non exisant parts of the universe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by compo View Post
    Is it just for shooting Toy Story Films or for focusing on non exisant parts of the universe?
    They're not non-existant, it's just that as we are trapped in only three of the dimensions, we are unable to perceive the other dozen or so. Clearly Canon, having seen the current fad for 3D, are trying to build in features for the future when people will demand filming in the fourth dimension and beyond.
    But it sounds to me like marketing claptrap.


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