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Thread: Looking for Directors in Film, Animation, Video, and Theatre (worldwide search)

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    Default Looking for Directors in Film, Animation, Video, and Theatre (worldwide search)

    I look for Directors in Film, Animation, Video, and Theatre who would be interested in establishing business partnership with me, where I will participate in the role of Producer, and you in the role of Director. (You may be located in any country.)

    It is not a "pure" job posting. I mean I don't hire anyone right now.
    I only offer partnership in the following style:
    a) you "come to me" with a description of project you want to implement
    b) I find investors, and they bring money
    c) we work together on your project until completion - you as a director, I as a producer

    You can find answers for many questions you want to ask me in the following 3-page document:
    All information about my creative, professional and personal background is available on my website

    Please, contact me by e-mail, if you are interested.

    I understand that success of such partnership depends on a lot of things, but I hope to create a circle of at least 2-4 directors who can be used as a basement for building a successful production company in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamil_rafik View Post
    I hope to create a circle of at least 2-4 directors
    Technically that would be a line, a triangle or a rectangle rather than a circle

    I looked at your website and see you've written several screenplays yourself, but you have failed to get these off the ground. You also failed to get funding for two other stage plays.
    All credit to you for being straight about this, but why would another writer/director think you would be able to get funding for their project of you can't get it for your own?

    Why would they not be suspicious that you're simply after their ideas?

    Especially when I read your pdf and I didn't read beyond:

    How to send me descriptions of the projects you want to implement
    Important: You will need to sign a Release Agreement before submitting anything to me.
    Submissions without signed Release Agreement won't be considere
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    Hello Tim.

    1. I received the first question on another forum. And I'll just answer you with the same words.

    I never tried to raise financing for my own scripts.
    I only sent them to many companies for selling (!) them.
    It is a big difference. :)
    And in fact I was rather successful in this kind of activity. I received an offer, although declined it.

    Moreover I never was interested in working on my script as a producer and even as director. It was only some kind of self-expression for me.

    If you ever wrote something for a long time (it does not matter book, script or computer program) you should understand how differently each person thinks and interprets the world being a writer in comparison with being a business person.
    It is very very very rare exception when person can be a businessman and writer at the same time.

    I hope I answered your first question completely.


    2. Why other people can trust me their works and hope that I can raise financing for them?
    I thought about it too.
    And I found a quality that makes a big difference between me and 90% of producers.

    My type can be described as "thinking producer", "smart producer", "producer who can think and analyze".

    In the mass stereotype a producer is a person with creative and organizational skills + with a lot of connections.
    Usually intellect is not considered as a typical quality of producer.

    That's why I will look like a "intellectual star" on the background of other producers for people with money.
    That's why they will give me money.


    3. About this your question
    "Why would they not be suspicious that you're simply after their ideas?"

    I definitely know that I cannot be a professional writer or director.
    It requires absolutely another style of life and another type of thinking.

    That's why there is no sense for me to steal something from a good writer.
    It is better for me to make this person my friend and my business partner.

    Release Agreement is required to protect me from legal point of view.

    I hope I answered this your question too.

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    I was pleased to read your resume and experiences. You come from an interesting part of the world.

    I am a fiction writer and poet moving into video to realize my stories. You say you target 25% of the video audience. The movie audience in America is 10% "art film" (tarkovsky, kurosawa) and 90% Hollywood (spielberg, cameron).

    My stories have social messages, but they are Hollywood "B-movie" style. As the writer, I know how I want my stories to flow. The writer can direct if he has an experienced Director of Photography.

    Most movies are propaganda. It is important that the writer does not lose control of the propaganda, otherwise he loses his message.
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    to scorpion ballet:
    please, contact me by e-mail

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