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Thread: 3d text how?

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    Default 3d text how?

    Im having trouble with adding 3d text to video, i have a video and i want to add 3d text static like on this video in the begining there are letters on the walls, i want to add letters on the flor, any1 know how to add them?

    PS: Sry for my bad english im from croatia

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    I'm afraid Vegas doesn't do 3D text. You can move 2D text in a 3D envionment, but Vegas isn't really the tool for motion tracking like this.

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    What program can i use then? And is there a tutorial on how to do this with any other program?

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    Check out Blender, it's a free 3D creation suite. It's not easy to use but you shouldn't have too much trouble creating some 3D text. Just google Blender tutorials on you tube.

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