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    Trying to put a video together and nearly have it done. I now want to add an intro, but can not work how to move my project along the timeline to make space at the start for the intro? I want to keep all the transitions etc exactly how they are. The only way i can do it, is by moving each clip one by one and then i lose my transitions. Is there a way of moving the whole project over to the right and keeping it the same without doing clip by clip.

    Pic below to show what i mean, i want an intro there right at the start instead of my project.

    Apologies for asking such a possibly simple action,

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    Click the auto ripple button and slide the first item on the time line to the right this will move everything on the time line along with it, make sure all tracks is selected, it usually is by default. Now turn off auto ripple. Add your intro. When you are ready turn on auto ripple and drag all the clips into position. Another way is to turn on auto ripple and drag a clip to the begining of the time line. I'm sure there are other ways as well but this will handle things for you.

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    Midnight your a star, thanks alot

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