I have been using HDWriter AE 1.5 to download video files from my Panasonic camcorders, but recently had a hard drive failure on my PC. I have the video files stored on another drive, but the C: hard drive containing the OS and program got replaced when it failed. Of course, all was lost on that drive.

But now I've got a ton of previously imported video files on the secondary drive and after re-installing HDWriter AE (version 1.5, btw), I just can't figure out any way to get the program to recognize those previously imported files. I did backup the C: drive directories before the failure, so if there is a folder somewhere holding the files I need to make this happen, then I do have them available.

So, with the above in mind, is there any way to re-link HDWriter to those existing files on my other hard drive? I just find HDWriter convenient to view the video files and wish to retain that feature with my existing library. I don't use it for editing, but it is right handy for importing and viewing the thumbnails to quickly locate video clips I have imported.