Thought I'd could suss out what I want by Googling reviews etc but it's nightmare so I'm hoping you good folks can give me some starter suggestions of what to buy. I can narrow the field to start with.

Budget up 200 ish

Not bothered about HD as my computer is old and don't need it anyway.

Mostly going to use it for Youtube but I want good audio reproduction as much as video for music recording. An external mic input would be really an asset if poss.

Prefer a flip out type screen and want to put it on a tripod too so probably rules out the cellphone style cameras.

Probably prefer flash card memory - less to go wrong

Optical zoom of course and if poss optical image stabilisation

Not bothered about lots of fancy doody features that require you to read a manual the size of a bus. Quality over quantity. Thanks for your time (in anticipation).