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    I am a film student trying to steadily build up a portfolio. I have already made my first short film but am now looking to move to music videos. I want to be taken seriously by any bands/artists I approach. So does anyone have any idea how I can establish a fair price to quote to potential clients?

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    I had the idea at aiming at local unsigned bands and offering to do videos for them for a few hundred pounds to give me a portfolio but no one has taken me up on it yet. I think I need to promote this more which is really the key to any success in this kind of endeavour.

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    You need to show that you can make a music video first.

    Find a local band, make a video (for free) and then use that as a demo.

    Or (as Midnight's done) make a music video for a piece of music and use that to show what you can do. Bear in mind that there are copyright issues.
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    First ones usually free. lol. Find a band/musician that has some sort of local buzz and start there. Since alot of business in the music videos is usually threw word of mouth. The more of a buzz they have, the more YouTube plays you'll get. The more plays the video gets the more of a change you have of other musicians watching your work.
    Also, something that works for me is interviewing the band/musicians. If they like how you work they'll ask you if you do music videos. Same rules apply with video plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solo619 View Post
    Also, something that works for me is interviewing the band/musicians.
    That's a great idea Solo. One of the things that's often missing from band websites is interview clips. Very often there are (generally poor) live videos, lots of photos, bios and blogs. But the bios and blogs are all text. So much more effective to do it as an interview. In fact I know exactly the band I'm going to approach for this ...

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