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Thread: Why does my film look better on Sony Vegas than on PC?

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    Default Why does my film look better on Sony Vegas than on PC?

    Hi all

    I am doing a short film to be watched on PCs.I have rendered the film as an avi file.

    But the film seems sharper and crisper when watching it on Vegas than on the media player.

    Why is this and what can I do to improve the quality?

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    It could be down to the factors that create the impression of what is sharp and crisp. As well as "being in focus" the eye conceives other factors like contrast makes an image sharper. I have found that the mpeg codec in Vegas seems to increase the contrast a little and the avi codec to slightly reduce it.

    Without further information I don't really know the real answer. For example your raw footage may be shot at 1080p but you rendered it at 720p or even standard definition. Then looking at this rendered footage will obviously be at a lowered resolution. There is also the factor of rendering loss. This is very much a mixed bag of nuts depending on the codec used etc.

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    Yeah, your probably not rendering right. For me, it's usually the "Bit rate (bps)". For HD(YouTube) I like 15,000,000(AROUND) and if I'm rendering for DVD I'd use from 6,000,000-10,000,000(DVD authoring softwares adjusts bit rate).

    I save as SONY AVC
    using DEFAULT TEMPLATE next to it you'll see "COSTOM..." you'll be able to adjust it there.

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    perhaps there are other Q's to ask?

    Does this PC play other vids sharply?

    Other threads have sometimes answered that PC monitors are not suited to playing video and my experience is that vids can be "right" in Vegas, but lose sync when rendered - naturally I blamed 1)me and 2)vegas - but it wasn't either. The issue was the player program. Despite having a moderately fast PC, W7/32 with full RAM the
    demands of the player meant it just struggled.
    I wonder what Player progs the OP has tried - and - if these produce different results?

    I understand the OP was concerned about "picture quality" ( not sync I mentioned), I was merely trying to point to one issue being upset by another.

    Hope that helps.

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