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Thread: Stream Video Problem on Blackberry

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    Exclamation Stream Video Problem on Blackberry

    Hey friends! I need some help..

    I made an introduction movie. Movie is ok on PC, but it also must be watchable as stream on all Blackberry phone models, video will be loaded on our web portal. I converted and uploaded the video file onto our portal, but Blackberry freezes and crashes to desktop when playing the video. I used 3gp format and 240x180 res. Please suggest any idea.. Witch parameters should I use?

    I must be found a solution quickly :S

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    Tick tick... Anybody there?

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    Oh I need your help guys.. Why am I alone here?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitepuffyclouds View Post
    Oh I need your help guys.. Why am I alone here?!
    Quite probably because no-one who has read your post has an answer. This is a comparitively low volume but we like to think high quality forum. You might have had 30 replies which were no more than total guesswork or "I dunno", but that wouldn't have helped much, would it

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