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    Hey, everyone here's another short I did recently, it's called JEDIS. My friend and I did this in some spare time, just for fun. Man, lightsabers take soooo much longer than you'd think, frame by frame is murder. I was also debating whether or not to redo that first lightsaber vfx shot, just cause I now know how to do the vfx better, but I decided not to since it has so many views and I don't really wanna take it down at this point. Anyway, hope you enjoy, please leave some constructive critism if you can.

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    Nice effects.

    If I was going to nit-pick, I would say there is a consistency issue with the shot on 0:19 seconds.

    When the dude powers-up the light sabre for the first time, you can see the green glow on his chest, but a second later from the side you can see that the light sabre is being held behind his body, so the glow wouldn’t fall onto the front of his chest.

    Other than that, good job!

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    Good effort.


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