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Thread: Editing software on OSX Lion?

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    Default Editing software on OSX Lion?

    I'm considering upgrading to OSX Lion. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it work just as well as Snow Leopard does with Stuff like Final Cut Suite, After Effects, and Photoshop?

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    Well i'm using it.... no problems with any of these programs..... but i wouldn't really bother to upgrade just for the sake of it.
    Maybe if you were going over to FCPX or the new version of compressor then i'd do it, as the buzz seems to be that it plays better with these than Snow Leopard.

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    I am on OS X Lion. Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro X run beautiful on my Early 2008 Macbook Pro and windows 7 in bootcamp runs beautifully. I have had no problems.

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