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Thread: Rain,Thunder & Cloning 1st attempt.

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    Default Rain,Thunder & Cloning 1st attempt.

    Hey guys! this is my first attempt, i know its jumpy, i had my actor accidentally tripped with my tripod but i tried to pull it off anyways. Judge my editing no the actor and please no need to be gentle. I consider this my first video.

    Thanks for any tips, critiques and suggestions.

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    You've pointed out the errors yourself. Also its a little to dark and the lighting is too flat.

    Fair play to you, its your first video and you've put your hands up to your mistakes but really you, and others like yourself, should be learning the ABC's of video editing, camera work before going into special effects.

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    Have you got ideas to expand and include this into a full story? I agree with three1ne it is flat and dark. As a director, when you have got a girl in a bikini you should utilise this to it's fullest. As for the effects the water running down the window should have trails look at a drip of water running down glass and you will she why yours looks like a cartoon and not real. The mirror trick was well done but as you say the camera was moved BUT if you knew this you should shoot it again. What is the flash of blur on the left side of the screen?

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    three1ne, you know i shot this during day time but I killed almost all the brights with the color curves, I was trying to make it look like night time. Maybe i should have lighted up the room a little more. Im trying to learn all I can about video editing I just like making it challenging for myself.

    Midnight Blue, I don't think I will be expanding this actual video, I just wanted to try the idea of having somebody's reflection acting as a separate being. With the girl, I did ask her if I could get more angles but she was kind of shy and only allowed me to film her from a distance (she knew I was going to post it over the internet!) and thats also why I couldn't film it again, when I told her the camera moved and I needed to re-film it she just put her clothes back on and said that is it! For the water I wanted it to look like it was dripping but I couldn't figure out how so i left it like that, although I did put some particles and made it look like it was raining, but I think the rendering made it hard to see. The flash was suppose to be the lightning from outside.

    Guys thanks for your feedbacks!

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