This is probably the wrong place to have posted this but here goes...

My client has a blog that he posts to bi-weekly and has expressed a desire to trim some of those blogs into a sort of rapid fire, brief video blog that would supplement his blog website. We've shot him talking to the camera with a green screen behind him and i've got the footage and all that ready to go.

what i want to kno is where to go from here:

1.) what should i do w the footage - final cut, after effects, or both?
2.) keying in FCP is quite tedious compared to After Effects so I would really prefer to do that part in AE. any advice on this end?
3.) the clip is about 3 mins long, and needs to be edited to leave out um's and uh's and that sorta thing. should i just edit it in FCP unkeyed, and then export the full final cut and then key in AE?
4.) i'm planning on adding titles in the thirds and little tid bits like images, video clips, and effects to supplement what the talent is speaking about. sorta like the weather man or news anchors do on tv. best ways to deal with that?
5.) this is being shot on a canon 60d that seems to put out 1080p files with h264 compression. does this mean that i should export as uncompressed so that i dont REcompress the files?

The above are the only questions that I have but there may be many others I should keep in mind so I would greatly appreciate you're exhaustive and considerate tips and tricks even in aspects i have failed to cover here. I'm sort of a newb, so sorry for that too