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    Hi Guys im a composer getting into the filming industry...
    i am looking for a software to edit videos with, im a beginnner w a low budget, but i still need to achieve professional results...

    so ppl before in this forum suggested i shud go for Sony Vegas, so im gonna go for "Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite"
    i need to b able to do multiple videos and sound, mounting videos, masking, color correction, blue/green creen FXs, and again, i have a very low budget, is this a choice?

    Also, isthere anything i cud get comparable to Adobe AfterEffect, but with out spending SOOO much money and good for some1 that is starting up ? but again i need PROFESSIONAL results.

    thnx a lot!!

    PS: Any ideas for good free tutorials to watch?

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    how do I edit a video like Shane Dawson

    how do I edit a video like Shane dawson where I play all the characters and it looks like I am talking to myself like he does? I use final cut pro x so please help! Also I am using a greenscreen so what would be the best way to light it and where do I get free backgrounds for it? Also, how would I have greenscreen in the back and when I edit you see me but a picture or video next to me like from what the buck!?

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    Paulears, - two Q's, nothing to do with OP, he's sorted more-or-less.

    I use Vegas Studio10 - and find SoundForge a nightmare ... I'm told Vegas was an audio editor in a previous life.... which explains the many audio features. For example I've recorded some footage with the RH channel at a lower level. In vegas it plays OK, witht he LH meter hitting the limits (hence the reason for the lower-settings). I can adjust the slider to compensate +/-50% (calibrated!), which is about right in this instance. (purely for preview, purposes).

    It was my intention to cut and paste the best-bits in SoundForge. By this technique, I "should" be able to get a mono-track combining the best of both.......but I couldn't even find a way to get the two channels equal (I do NOT mean permanently, that I can do) -
    IMHO, For a "sound product", it lacks many basics, for example a simple slider for the balance L/R - - - or am I overlooking something easy?
    I used "Volume" but that changes BOTH channels the same....
    Where's that BAL slider?

    Pse, can you explain SF why there are two sets of transport controls, which don't quite work the same...?
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    Are you saying Vegas can't do these things of Sound Forge. Vegas can do these things very simply.

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