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    Hi guys, Is there a better method of cutting a moving image on one video and overlaying it on another then using masking as it is never smooth and always jumps around no matter how long i spend on the masking process. i have tried chroma key which works great unless the colors of the image i want to cut out is similar to the background then it is rendered uselss? any other ways of achieving this?

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    You've answered your own question - chroma key. My understanding (as I don't have the skills or equipment to attempt it) is that the more even you can get your background (eg your green screen) then the more precisely youcan key it. In other words if the green you wan to key ut is all within a pixel or two each of the central Red, Blue and Green which make u the colour, then you can key it very precisely and your talent can wear any other shades of green. At least, that's what you're aiming for.

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    Fixing a problem is hard once you've shot already.

    I recommend, next time, set it up in pre-production. Plan out what you want before you shoot it, so once it's time to edit your not wondering "What do I do" or "How am I going to do it."

    MASKING TIP-Make sure your using the same Property settings as your video clip. If they don't match, they might look off.

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