Hey all,
Let me start with apologizing for my bad English.
Secondly: this is my very first video-project ever (well, one that is more complicated than only cutting and pasting)... I know almost nothing about video-editing, and I have no professional software/hardware. I am using Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker 2.6, WinMorph, and thinking about using Wax and Zweinstein.

So, my question: one of the scenes (takes only 2-3seconds) is the picture of a 'question mark' turning 90degrees clockwise. That's it. Nothing more. The picture doesn't need to transform or morph or warp or whatever. Just a turn in 2D.
(this is the picture I would use: http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/__da..._alternate.jpg )

How can I do this? I am coming close with WinMorph by warping the picture from a shape (circle around the sign) to same shape, same place, but turned 90degrees.. but.. can't get the settings right, the pictures keeps deforming a bit, the edges keeps deforming... (even with protective square around it)

Any other way?