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Thread: No. 73 on location, very good stunt in part 2 of 'Anytime Anywhere' link and synopsis

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    Default No. 73 on location, very good stunt in part 2 of 'Anytime Anywhere' link and synopsis

    The stunt has the Fur Snatcher running through the street after stealing a valuable fur mink tail, the police are after her!! The gang Dawn, Kim and Harry are picking up Nadia with all her shopping. the gang realise in the newspaper that the fur snatcher is wanted and on the loose,.

    The fur snatcher tries to hide in shop doorways and behind cars, but then thinks she has police officer behind her, so she runs but then ends up bashing into nadia with all her boxes and the fur snatcher falls over down to the groundthe fur snatcher wants revenge and runs after the gang.

    The fur snatcher follows the gang to No. 73, and knocks on the door with a huff, and poor nadia answers and gets a handbag right in the face, the fur snatcher gives a wicked witch cakle!!

    Video link

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    Sorry, but it's not working.

    You are trying to send up a genre but unfortunately you're not succeeding. Have a look at the "cleaner close" adverts from Daz and you\'ll see how it can be done.

    The acting is bad, not deliberately bad, just bad. You're not achieving "we are pretending to be bad actors" but rather bad actors trying to portray bad actors.

    The camerawork is incompetent. Not ironically competent, just not good. Likewise the sound. You need to get this sorted out.

    You have put effort into this but it needs a lot more to be good, or even bad enough to be good. Aim for good enough to be bad and it might work.

    Have a look at the lighting, see how comedy shows and sitcoms are lit and try and emulate it. Next, stop the actors being pleased with themselves. They have to take their roles seriously. finally, get someone on the camera who can work visually.

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    What kind of films do you like/or make? The stunt wasn't that bad at all!! it was very commical!! and funny, this is an oldish lady struggling to get back up on her feet!!

    fur snatcher stunt.jpg
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