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Thread: Sony Vegas 10 Pro & Hauppauge! HD PVR

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    Default Sony Vegas 10 Pro & Hauppauge! HD PVR

    Ok so I'm filming in HD and having the most trouble rendering gameplay recordings into quality video on youtube. I'm recording at a 13.5 bitrate in a MT2S format.

    My video properties:

    HD 720-60p (1280x720, 59.940 fps)
    Frame rate: 59.940 (Double NTSC)
    Pixel Format: 32-bit floating point (video levels)
    Full-resolution rendering quality: Best
    Motion blur type: Gaussian
    Deinterlace method: Blend fields

    Render settings:

    Save type as: Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv)
    Template: 6Mbps HD 720-30p Video (*)
    Custom Settings:

    - Audio
    Mode: CBR
    Format: Windows Media Audio 9.2
    Attributes: 192kbps, 48kHz, stereo (A/V) CBR

    - Video
    Mode: CBR
    Format: Windows Media Video 9
    Image Size: High Definition (1280x720)
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000 (Square)
    Frame rate (fps): 59.94 (Double NTSC)
    Second per keyframe: 5
    Override default compression buffer (seconds): 3
    Video smoothness: 100 (Sharpest)

    Always disable resample and nail the color, etc. but the quality doesn't come up to par with other HD videos on youtube. I don't know if I'm missing something here or if anyone on here can help or lead me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks for any input!

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    I also record gameplay with the Hauppauge. This setup worked perfect for me. The only thing i did different was record at 10.mbps so the video size isnt as big. I also have a friend that records at 5.0mbps.

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    I always use mp4 to you tube and Vimeo, better then lossy windows media

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