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Thread: FREE Presentation: Final Cut Pro X and Beyond, Birmingham: 11th August, 6pm-9pm

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    Default FREE Presentation: Final Cut Pro X and Beyond, Birmingham: 11th August, 6pm-9pm

    Hi there.

    My name's Berian, I'm representing Intermedia, a creative training provider based in Wolverhampton.
    Intermedia will be hosting a FREE presentation in Birmingham to discuss Final Cut Pro X and the future for digital video editors.

    After months of anticipation, Apple finally released the latest version of their Final Cut Pro editing software, Final Cut Pro X, in June 2011. Even though it was revolutionary in it’s approach to digital editing, it failed to set the post production world alight leaving video editors across the world contemplating if Apple had forgotten about them and the rest of the pro market...

    Many existing Final Cut Pro users feel betrayed by the perceived “dumbing-down” of a piece of software they have invested both man hours and money in over the past 10 years. For the first time in recent years editors are being taken out of their comfort zone and forced to explore other existing Non-Linear Editing platforms. In an industry where time is of the essence, FCP editors now feel torn between their loyalty to the brand and the need to pay the bills.

    Even though Final Cut Pro 7 is still very much a professional application, the lack of support for native H.264 editing and restricted RAM capabilities highlights the software has a very limited lifetime remaining. With new changes come new concerns, and one such concern of today’s Final Cutters’ is if they should upgrade to Final Cut Pro X or migrate to another Non-Linear Editor all together...

    To help answer the concerns of todays digital video editor, on August 11th 2011 Intermedia will be holding a FREE and EXCLUSIVE presentation discussing the options available to those unsure about upgrading to FCP X . As well as discussing what the latest version of Final Cut Pro X has to offer, there will also be software demonstrations and guest speakers discussing how it fares against existing editing applications such as Premiere and Avid.

    Shortcuts, Plugins, Visual FX, Round-Tripping and software comparisons will all be examined through the use of on screen demonstrations and a Q&A session with industry professionals.

    The event will be hosted by Sai Smith (Ballistic Studios) who will draw on his 15 years of directing/editing experience to give an informative and unbiased look at the current video editing choices available today. Joining Sai will be guest speakers from local production companies who will express their thoughts on Final Cut Pro X, as well as demonstrating their own current editing workflows.

    Spaces for this one-off event are limited so please arrive promptly to avoid disappointment. Please note: Doors open at 6pm with presentation starting at 6.30pm.
    The event will take place at IET Birmingham: Austin Court. 6-9pm

    You can RSPV via our Facebook page - where we will be posting any updates.
    You can also follow us on Twitter.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Sounds good, are there any plans to film this event and put it on-line?


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your response. It is something that we are looking into, so we will keep you posted.


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    Thanks, I had a feeling it may be something that you'd be considering and would definitely like to see it, but I couldn't make it down at short notice.


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