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Thread: New system, which motherboard

  1. Default New system, which motherboard

    Hi all,

    I have decided to build a new system and im not sure which motherboard is best these days.

    Im using a massive tower case so it has to be atx.

    I will be capturing lots of analogue / dv video and do not want 'any' problems at all. Will be running xp pro, min 1gb ram (3300), 7200 or even 10.000 rpm hard drive - 120 gb upwards.

    I have a belkin pci firewire card so 'on board' firewire is not essential and I havent made my mind up on a new graphics card yet.
    And i would need all the usual suspects like ps2, usb etc etc.

    Any suggestions ?


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    Are you going the AMD or the INTEL route? The following links are to articles from Tom's Hardware - haven't built my own sytem about eight months ago, I'm so not up to date with what's best at the mo!

    For Athlon XPs, check out this:
    The graphics specialist nVIDIA still offers the fastest platform for the Athlon XP. With an FSB clock rate of up to 200 MHz, the latest version, which goes by the name of nForce2 Ultra 400, can serve even the fastest Athlon XP 3200+. We ran a total of ten motherboards through our tests. The Shuttle XPC Mini-PC was also there at the starting line.
    Or for Pentiums P4s:
    We asked the leading motherboard makers to send us their best and brightest for a no-holds bar price/performance test. We received boards with Intel's 875, 865, 845; VIA's P4X400 and P4M266A; and SiS' SiS648FX chipsets, which we promptly put to the test. We determine who offers top-of-the-line features and performance at a reasonable price.

    And if you're feeling like spending some serious cash on an Athlon 64:
    The Athlon 64 FX has been out for only a few weeks, but the 64-bit contender has already made a name for itself. But because of the few unit counts in the market and the uncertainty factor over a new technology, many boardmakers remain hesitant about jumping in. We tested Athlon 64-bit boards from the big three that have taken the plunge: Asus, Gigabyte and MSI. - thus divide up the market between them. Here is what we found.
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    Cheers Marc,

    Im going the intel route and will now look at your links.


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