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Thread: An epic After Effects music video

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    Default An epic After Effects music video

    A music video from with less sunny oranges and more interstellar travel. A young man goes in search of his lost love and finds floating tesseracts instead...

    Directed and Edited by Jonathan Irwin
    Director of Photography: Enda Doran
    Cockpit Design: Alex Couturon

    Track Produced by Stephen Street

    A ridiculously ambitious no-budget music video, shot on Canon 5D and lit entirely with projectors.

    Made entirely in After Effects, with a dash of Maya - took about 3 months from start to finish.

    Hope you likey!

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    Firstly - Respect.

    A hell of a lot of work has gone into the video and it is technically excellent but...

    The task of a music video is twofold. Firstly to put images in the listener's brain whenever they hear the music. Secondly to encourage people to watch the video and thus get exposed to the music.

    Put bluntly, the images in the video aren't strong enough to fulfill the first requirement. The actor is neither handsome nor interesting (Do you want images of a chubby bloke with a bad beard to represent the music?) and the visuals don't stick either. Secondly there isn't enough in the video to make people watch it more than once.

    So, although you should be very proud, chuffed and pleased with what you've done, I don't know if it's a good music video.

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    Thanks for the feedback Rob - nothing like a bracing bit of honesty to keep you in check

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    Yeah, hope it didn't sound too harsh, it's difficult to put opinions in print without it sounding awful.

    I want to communicate that, in my opinion, it's hundred times better than a lot of the stuff we see here, much better than anything I could do with AE or Maya, but the content just didn't do it for me.

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    Rob's points about the purpose of the of a music video are valid, but I'm not sure I agree they all apply here:

    Whilst the talent may not be Brad Pitt, this is perfectly reasonable if he is the singer in the band. Though the shot from below (2:32) is particularly unflattering.
    I think the image of the photo having aged as the astronaut travels near the speed of light is a strong one - one that I would remember if I heard the music again.

    The video had a narrative and worked for me.

    I wouldn't want to watch it more than once but then again that applies to virtually all music videos. I know it's down to the music but I'd much rather watch this than some arrogant youngsters posturing aggressively in front of the cameras whilst "rapping" or some "dude" surrounded by his "hoes" making drug culture look cool.

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    I think your all missing the point. It had a man with a Beard in it, therefore it's art. (in joke) apologies to mcphisto4

    I said in the other thread, I like this. It worked for me. It's not a "pop" video in the same sense as X factor winners etc. so therefore serves a slightly different purpose. It use to be that pop groups released singles to make people by albums, The music video was not an external marketing tool before the 70's it was more of an internal music industry tool. Now it's very different with MTV, On-line this and that, down loads etc. Sorry, I've gone into waffling mode.

    My point is this, I suspect the target market for this type of music will see this video and get it. It will see that this band is deeper than the average, it has aligned it's self with a piece of classic cinema that appeals to a certain type of person. This I would suspect is the target audience of the band.

    I hope some of this makes sense as I find it hard to describe things without knowing the correct marketing terms.

    Any way I liked the video and the song.

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    Cheers for the comments guys - as I said, it's rare to get some genuine constructive criticism

    Also, I had no idea there was such strong feelings RE: Beards... must tread carefully in this area!

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