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Thread: Big Problem: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10

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    Default Big Problem: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10

    So i have about 20 videos around 10min in length in the project media tab. I opened each video up 1 at a time on the time line, split and removed the short 3-20sec clips i wanted throughout each video. I now open Vegas and it says not responding withing 30sec. Sometimes my clips that i extracted will turn red, and sometimes i get the low memory error when trying to open another video. I can't add another video to extrct clips from on the timeline because it crashes. Is there a way to remove the video in project media without removing the clips that are on the timeline that i extracted? Im really lost, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    In the Pro version there is a clear media not used option I don't know if it's in the Studio version. Click on the tools menu and selects Clean project media. This will remove all the unused clips from the media bid. It sounds like you are using a very low powered lap top. OR a very unhealthy PC to get this problem.

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    I clicked that lightning bolt to clear unused media and it does nothing. As for my computer im running an AMD Phenom II 6 core 2.70 GHz with 6.00gb of ram, 64bit OS, so i know its not my computer. Any other ideas? thanks

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    If "nothing happend" does that mean you are using every clip in the media bin or that the program is not running correctly. Are you running from a USB disk drive ?

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    This is what i did when i started the project: I went to open in top left cornor of vegas, opened a video from my videos folder. The video was then put on the timeline where i used split to extract an (x) amount of clips from that video. I then deleted the parts of the video i no longer needed and kept the clip(s) on the timeline from that video. I repeated this process 20 times and all of a sudden it started crashing, and will not let me open another video in vegas. I have tried to delete the videos in the project media tab but that intern deletes my split clips on the timeline. If i could delete the project media videos but keep my clips i extracted from them, im almost positive it would fix the problem.

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    I' afraid it doesn't work like that. You problem could be a corrupt clip. have you checked them individually. To help you, Vegas might work if you mute some tracks.

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    It worked fine till this point? All clips run smoothly with audio in the preview window as long as vegas doesn't freeze. Here is a picture of what im looking at, it may help. Im out of ideas at this point. Also i removed and reinstalled vegas and nothing changed.
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    I just tested it again and it will let me play 3 random clips then the preview window will turn red and flash between the red and the clip. I have atleast 20gb of video in the project so far, could that be whats causing the problem?
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    If the project properties matches the media you are using and you are not using a USB hard disk and you haven't got a massive still image larger than 4096x4096 and you don't have a bunch of other things running on your computer at the same time and your hard disk isn't nearly full. AND YOU HAVE CHECKED that none of the footage is corrupt, then I don't know what else to suggest.

    Will it let you do a selective render at various point on of the time line.

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    I used an Hauppauge HD-PVR and recordered it to my computer using a usb cable. Is that what you mean by usb hard disk?

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