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Thread: Video Quality is Blurry After Rendering

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    Default Video Quality is Blurry After Rendering

    Hello All,
    I found this forum a few minutes ago after searching for an answer to my problem. I have a fewrecorded videos on my Iphone 4 and imported them into vegas and edited them to my liking. The quality in vegas is fine as well as opening the individual clips and viewing them. The problem is once I render my video the actual size of the video is correct yet it is blurry and unlike the original quality of the clips. Below is some information. Let me know if you need/require any other information.

    Project Properties:

    HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)

    Field Order: None progressive scan

    Render Quality: Good (I have tried best too no luck)

    Frame Rate: 29.970

    Motion Blur Type: Gaussion

    Deinterlace Method: Blend (I have tried none too no luck)


    Footage/Clips Properties:

    Attributes: 1280x720x24

    Frame rate: 29.970

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Kind Regards,

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    Default Help

    Any ideas anyone. I really do need a resolution to this issue.


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    Right click the clip then > Switches > Disable Resample. That along with Deinterlace Method > None should do the trick

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    Thank you very much for your response. While I was fooling around I found the answer a different way. I simply just rendered it in MPEG2 and the quality turned out fine. I will try your way as well too. Thank you for your time.


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