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Thread: Clips moving around. Please help!

  1. Default Clips moving around. Please help!

    I split and edit alot of clips. And reverse alot of them too. Eventually I will play it, and ALL of the spitted clips, usually hundreds of them, are messed up. It's like they're in a different spot of the original clip than where I clipped it to. And even when It sounds good, I render the completed section and it messes it up too. Thankfully, it's only the audio and not the video.

    The clips are not actually moving though. The part of the audio clip that I split it into is moved over, so that the audio that plays between the left and right border of the clip is further down the original clip.

    This is extremely annoying, because I work for hours, just for the clips to sound wrong. AND THEN I fix them all. and they GO BACK to where they were. So they're screwed up again... Every few times I play it in the preview, it goes off sync. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Sorry, tadagger, I'm having great difficulty understanding what you are trying to describe here - especialy " It's like they're in a different spot of the original clip than where I clipped it to"
    Also, you say Eventually you will play it. Why eventually, If you play it frequentkly or evebn after each change this would help you identify at what point the fault occurs. Whay wait until you've made hundreds of edits before playimg it?
    Then you say they are not moving, but the audio is moved over - that sounds like you've performed a "slip edit" (holding down Alt and dragging the clip does this)
    I also sounds like you have ungrouped your video and audio - otherwise they would stay in sync (perhaps you inadvetantly pres the "U" key?)
    I also suspect you have auto-ripple switched on or off and don't understand what it is doing.

    I suggest you go back to basics. Make an edit. Play it back - if the result is what you expected, make another edit - etc etc until you get a result uou don't expect. Then Ctrl-Z to undo it, do it again and see if it repeats. If so, then you need to look at what settings have caused this - maybe post here with before and after screenshots.

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    Lets say you have a 10 second audio clip. I drag each side until it only plays a 1 second clip. I have alot of those bits one after another, and some of them are reversed. The problem is eventually the 1 second clip is in the wrong 1 second of audio that it was set at. Like if the one second clip was someone saying "watermelon", somehow its changes to the clip saying the very end or beggining of "watermelon" and part of the next word or previous word.

    What I mean by eventually is, at a random time it will mess up. I test play the clips VERY frequently. I have found out that it happens almost randomly. Sometimes even if I just zoom out and then zoom back in. It does it.

    The problem does sound similar to a slip edit but I'm 100% sure I'm not doing that.

    I need the video and audio to be un-grouped. I need audio to be playing while different video is playing.

    I checked out the auto-ripple. It's been off. I'm going to try working different auto-ripple settings to see if any work.

    And if I play it and all of the sudden it does the move, If I make an undo, it doesn't fix it. Because it changes automatically. As if it was that way the whole time.

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    Sorry to butt-in, but your name tag says Windows Movie Maker - and - this is the Vegas/studio Forum...
    (Please advise which/-Version you are using...)

    Furthermore, it not sufficiently clear (to me!), are you cutting these 10-second audio-clips? Or squeezing them down to 1sec... I didn't think Vegas allows that level of speeding up?

    Where is the Video, or are you using Vegas Studio for Audio alone?

    Could you use audio clip "One, Two, Three...etc....." that would be easier for others to understand IMHO.

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    I'm sorry, i'll find out how to change that as soon as i can.

    No i'm not shrinking it. I'm dragging it so it plays only a small part.

    I'm using it for video and audio. Normally I'm splitting both at the same time.

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