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    The only thing I ever use audition for is joining together loops of royalty free music . I must admit that anything audio related is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I know I should put the effort into learning. With that in mind, has anyone used a training manual/book/online learning tool for Audition. I did flick through the manual, but I'm being lazy and really want a thorough understanding of what the tools do, not how to use them.
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    I haven't tried Audition yet, but I use it's predecessor, Cool Edit, to remove camera whine - the Noise Reduction facility. Marc, with your quality of camera this may not be a problem for you anyway.

    I use Soundforge for looping and editing music and voice overs. You can normalise, add echo or reverb etc, I daresay Audition will do all that too.

    I use Acid Express to build pretend ambient tracks, birds, water, any other relevant sound effects, if Audition will multi track, you could use it for that as well.

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    The first interesting observation I'll make tothis thread si that I noticed the user manual for Audition 1.5 to be much thinner than it was for v1. Go figure!

    I've used Audition for voice over recording and noise reduction mainly. Along with a bit of voice disguising. I have little doubt that I'm using about 3% of what it can actually do though. The noise reduction is excellent. The adobe stand at the videoforum had an excellent demo of this.

    I bought this book. It seems good so far but I haven;t really spent as much time with it as I should.

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