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Thread: Editing video in one area of the video screen?

  1. Question Editing video in one area of the video screen?

    It's kind of hard to explain what im asking. For example, If 2 people are moving (one on each side of the screen), and the camera is still, How do you edit each side of the video differently? Like if you want the left side to be twice as fast for example.

    Since the background is still, I know it's not as complicated, I just don't know how to get started.

    Another example is editing parts of one person to another person. Like editing the video of ones head onto another, but only the area of the head. You know what I'm getting at?
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    you need to split the screen into half and have on two separate layers and the manipulate as you like.
    Use the pan/crop and disable the keep ratio & centre about centre, may also want to use the track motion.
    I would use the Satish plug-in see my site for the download

    see this video at 2:17 you can see the cut in the middle

    , x

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    Thank you!! But, how do I split the video down the middle? And then separate it into a different layer?

    Do you know how to add an irregular shaped video on top of another layer of video? Like a circle shaped video layer?, maybe made with a rectangle with transparent edges??
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    you can use the cookie cutter on the top timeline and the other video underneath or use the Mask (allows you to make any shape) in the pan and crop option (at the bottom) they have options to feather etc.

    You can use the cookie cutter to on the top to split the video in one half and then add the same video underneath to be the other half.

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    [EDIT: written before Z posted his last reply]

    I begin to wonder whether you've actually even looked at the software yet. Have you run through the interactive tutorials? Well worth a look.

    Z has already answered your question about splitting down the middle and also the question you didn't ask about re-aligning it - I suspect you simply don't know because you haven't even tried it. Play with Pan and Crop, play with Track Motion - and look them up in Help. That is the only way to get a feel for how these things work and what they do. Do you want to learn how to do these tings of do you want a list of step by step instructions?

    When Z refers to layers, he's using that term because most people are familiar with the concept of layers - most photo editing packages and drawing packages use the concept.
    In Vegas (as in other video packages) we have Tracks. The top track has priority -stuff from the tracks below only show through where the top track is transparent (or has less than 100% opacity), ditto the next track.

    So what you ned to do here is to put your two videos or two separate tracks, use Pan and Crop to crop the part of the image you want and track motion to line them up.

    As for the second part of your question, if the shape is a simple regular shape, instead of using pan and crop, put your "head" video on the upper track and apply the cookie cutter FX to it. shape and resize the cookie suc that only the head is visible. You'llthen use track motion on that track to keep it aligned with the "body" underneath. This is OK for a fun video, but don't expect anything that looks realistic.
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