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Thread: I have no idea how to montage

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    Default I have no idea how to montage

    I have several camera angles of a band live performance and also a master audio track.
    Before I start, is there a tutorial I should read?

    I would have expected that the way to go would be to;
    drop them into the track view,
    sync them up using their own sound tracks,
    sync that to the master audio,
    cut between shots.

    Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum V10 only allows one track for the audio, so I can't overlay them. Is there a limit on how much material that i can put in the media store? It keeps killing the program when I put new source material in.

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    You've pretty much got the right idea. I would pretty much do it this way. I think you are limited to 10 Video and 10 Audio tracks in Platinum version of Vegas but I haven't come across any limitation to the amount of media aloud in the media store. If you're having problems, have you checked that your source material is not corrupt. OR that it is compatible with Vegas etc..

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