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Thread: not sure which software there are that can help?

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    Default not sure which software there are that can help?

    Well i've got a college piece coming up and what i want to do is take a football and put tracking points on it. Then i want to use a 3D sphere model to replace the ball, but im not sure what program would be able to composite it? I've tried after effects but i can't get it to take a 3D model where i can rotate it etc. I havn't tried smoke yet because im not that experienced with smoke and not too sure if it would be able to do the job.

    Do you know of any software capable of meeting what i am trying to do??

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    AE, smoke, shake, motion are inherently 2D - but can import 3d tracking data.

    Yes they have a z plane - but this only allows them to manipulate 2D data in a 3D environment. It's postcards in space.

    If you are making up a ball in a 3d program then you use this same program to put rotation on the ball... you play it out with an alpha channel then import that ball into AE or equivalent for compositing with a scene.

    Only a 3D modelling program will allow you to rotate the ball itself as a geometric shape.. that's why they are called 3D.

    If you use a camera in a scene then AE will import the 3D data for that camera and you can work with that as it is applied to other elements in the scene.

    Not sure why you'd want to put tracking points on a real ball .. they'll rotate. and you'll lose site of them. Then it's pointless. Best to make the whole ball itself the tracking point.

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