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Thread: Using the pan facility on a windsurfing video taken using a mast mount

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    Default Using the pan facility on a windsurfing video taken using a mast mount


    it is amazing the different perspectives that can be achieved with a mast mount using the pan and zoom facility in Vegas. It actually makes a single POV look like it is not a fixed position

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    Hum.......... 8 minutes is too long. I am not sure about the pan and zoom facility in vegas but Final Cut has "key framing" to size and resize to get the technique you are showing,...I couldn't watch it all as it was to mono subject but was good to understand the mast strapped camera. Perhaps some vista shots from the bank to see the sails on the sea and to vary the scene, perhaps also setting the camera on the toe of the board will give more variety to the work... Perhaps if you mess about with speed variants too it will become even more interesting. Music suited well.

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    thanks for your feedback. I appreciate the points you make and have used both shore shots and different mounting positions in the same video previously. This one was however purely to show the mast mount and how it was possible to pan with it whilst other mounting positions ( head, boom etc) really do not work with the panning technique. Thanks for viewing it.

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