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Thread: DVD Copy advice please

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    Default DVD Copy advice please

    Good evening all

    I want to copy my Videos's from Pinnacle Studio 12 on to A DVD that will play back in most DVD Players only just started with this so my question is:

    Firstly. I have DVD + & - R Which one would you recommend me using?

    Secondly. What format or file type is best for saving to DVD in Studio 12?

    My stand alone DVD Only seems to play MPG and that's only sometimes when it feels like it.

    Your advice here would be most appreciated.

    Many Thanks Mike

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    I have found that -R is more compatable with older DVD players. When you burn a media DVD your footage will be automatically converted to mpeg2 format by Pinnacle and burned onto the disk with a .vob extention.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Midnight

    I didnt relise there was so much to it. Thought it would be like coping a VHS tape to a Betamax. My main concern was if my DVDS would play OK in other peoples machines.

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    With Pinnacle it is kind of like that as it's very easy to use software makes it in just a few clicks. Using the -R disks is about the best you can do to help with compatibility but this is NOT a guarantee that they will play in every player ever made. BUT I don't see why they wouldn't.

    A tin pot philosopher once said "There are no absolutes in this universe.

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    Thanks again

    At least now I know, thought I may be missing something. Pinnacle does everything I expect from it, and point taken.

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