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Thread: Sony Vegas H264 render - Audio and video not in sync.

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    Default Sony Vegas H264 render - Audio and video not in sync.


    I have a problem with Vegas movie studio 11 and ffdshow. I installed a ffdshow codec that would allow me to encode H264 .avi with Vegas. The file renders fine, the quality is great and the file size is great, but the audio and video is not in sync when I try to play it on the vlc player. The audio starts before the video (about 1.5 - 2 seconds) and the gap between audio and video remain constant throughout the video. But here is the weird thing; when I upload the same file to youtube the audio and video is perfectly in sync. It is just a problem when I play the file on my computer. Any thoughts?

    I have tried to render with Sony avc as well, but the file size is much larger and I'm not sure that I like the way it looks compared to the ffdshow H264. The colors seems different.

    I'm not sure what information I can give you about my settings that would be useful to you in helping me resolve this problem, but just tell me what you need and I will try to provide.


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    I had a similar issue with version 10. It isn't Vegas at fault!

    If you render the files and burn a DVD - does it play OK on a "proper" player, or are you using yr PC?

    Try this: Import the rendered Vid into Vegas Studio, there should be one video track and a (stereo) sound track.
    Expand the timeline and check the sync near the Start, move near to the end, check sync.
    You should find the alignment is correct (i.e moving the vid frame-by-frame using the arrow keys).

    If it is OK then your Vid is correct. (mine was!). However the issue with VLC, and other "players" is that they are just not up to the job, unless the PC is particularly fast.
    This probably means Quad-core, 3GHz and with about 4G RAM (on 32bits). My PC is only slightly less and that was blamed on the playing errors. (Oddly the sync sometimes "catches-up" just before the vid finishes.)

    You might like to try Media Player Classic, Home Cinema. This is much better IMHO, than VLC. My MPC HC does keep reporting a file error dated July, but despite downloading the rec. file I've not fathomed out how to put it into the player. There things are just not that easy....but it still plays OK.

    The cure is to upgrade the PC (expensive, as it may be easier to change the Mbd to get better specs all round) I understand a moderate Graphics Card is sufficient, mine's 500M but I may upgrade to 1G as I hope to use dual-monitor and I'm guessing that the more memory the better.

    Can you check the sync as suggested, that at least removes any blame from Vegas Studio.
    Good luck.
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    My pc is a six core i7 running at 4.2 GHz with 12 gigs of ddr3 memory so the performance is there, but it still can't play the file on the computer in vlc player with the audio and video in sync. I have tried playing the file in w7 media player and in media player classic, but with the same result. I think it has something to do with the encoder settings, because the video and audio is in sync when rendering with other codecs and file types. And if I choose a different encoder than H264 in ffdshow the audio and video is in sync. Even the lossless H264 in ffdshow has the audio and video in sync, but it lagged so bad during playback that it was useless, and the file size was twice that of normal H264.

    I tried importing the rendered file to Vegas, but it tells me that the file cannot be opened.

    I sort of gave up on ffdshow after I posted here and rendered my files in Sony Avc. It is quite alright apart from the bigger file size. It is also less buggy for some reason. I never get the "low on memory " error while rendering in Sony Avc, but I did get that when using ffdshow. It would still be nice to know what fixes this problem though.
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    I have exact problem as described in this thread's first post.

    While using Sony Vegas pro 8 with FFD filter and H264 codec, audio gets always desynced, video seem to be 0.5s late .

    I can import the created file into Vegas and I found out that in the beginning of the file are 8 empty (invalid - red) frames. This seem to happen independently to length of the file.

    Any fix for this problem, please?

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    I can confirm - if I upload the "de-synced" file to youtube, it is synced there ... weird stuff.

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