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    I am making an animated menu background for a video game mod, and as a starting point I have a pdf containing lines of evenly separated text. Is there a simple way to make premiere cut up the text into strips along each row and have them scroll across the screen at a variable speed, or am I just better off doing something with flash?

    Shrunk version of menu background:

    EDIT: Whoops, I see now I posted in the wrong section of the forums. Can an administrator move this to a more appropriate one?
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    There's probably a third party plug-in that would make this a lot easier, or After Effects is more suited to the job. I don't know flash but if you do and can do it quicker/easier than the following you'd be better using it for sure.

    To do it in Premiere:

    1. Create a video track for each line of text you want to scroll and put a version of your image on each track.
    2. Crop each image on each track so as you only have 1 line of text on each track.
    3. Animate the layer position properties with key frames to scroll over time at the rate you want.

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    David, thanks for the reply -- this is exactly the answer I needed.

    Looks like it is time for me to break out the premiere tutorials

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    No problem, you might want to read my first post again, as I just edited it as I wrote the second step wrong.


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