Hello to all,

I have a problem while rendering some videos with Vegas 10 pro. Their initial format is MOV, HD 720X1280, 25fps. After editing any of these, I try to render the file in AVI format. Some of the codecs I used -most I think- were unable to complete the job while others gave me ridiculously large files (5-8 GB, for a 2 min. video whose original size was something like 200 MB) after 20 or 30 minutes which moreover cannot be played properly in WMP or VLC or wherever. The only codecs which seem to work are Cinepak and Indeo (although the latter appears only in a laptop where Vegas for XP is installed but it doesn't on another where Vegas for windows 7 is installed, which incidentally is the one Iwant to use for this project because its faster). However, while both options give me files of a ok size (250 - 350 MB instead of 5-8GB) the amount of time needed is stupid, 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Any ideas?