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Thread: Architect Rendering to Disc, then what?

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    Default Architect Rendering to Disc, then what?

    Whoops this is a tad long,
    please take it in bits,
    if you like.....

    Vegas Studio has lots of Help, but I find them somewhat daunting and unfriendly. It's not helped that they come out rather too difficult to read.

    When I've completed my Edit, I then "Make Movie" and the preference seems to be Make DVD/BlueRay, -or - Save to C- HDD.
    Now I don't really want to fill-up my C-drive with movies, so I have a second 500G SATA drive ="K" inside the PC, where I store camera-files, unedited clips, sounds and other stuff, but not Programs.
    I've created a folder "Vegas-Stuff" with sub-folders to take the rendered movies and the "Save projects", so I can reopen them in Vegas Studio, should I spot any spelling mistake, screen blank etc. . . . . . Subsequent Saves will normally use a new filename, on "K" drive. . . . .

    Whenever I Render to the HDD, "K" it's reasonably quick and then gives me two options: Play file, or Finish. If I Play the file it works OK, within limits imposed by the PC, processor, screen and other PC-limiting factors. Because it can't be played on a "Proper Player" I am tempted to Render and create a DVD.....I've discovered this is in 720, rather than the 1080i I thought I bought. Standards Huh!
    If I choose "DVD" then the rendered file is moved to Architect Studio, whereupon a whole new bucket of options meets me.

    There is canny option in Architect Studio: to burn a Disc using earlier-rendered files, but I don't have much success with this, so I tend to use the Burn to Disc, rather than Save to HDD. The result is a lot of DVD's with very short movies, sometimes under 1min..... where I'm keen to try something (eg Suggested here)..
    Somewhat oddly I've had little success using K-drive as a place to store the Rendered files, prior to burning a DVD.... BUT if I allow Vegas to use the "default" paths/folder (on C-drive!), it works every time. I maybe need to move these Defaults in "preferences" but have not fiddled with Vegas settings, yet.

    Can someone here point to a suitable procedure and organisation of my Drive/folders and even suggest how I get several rendered movies onto one DVD? There is a long-winded "How-To" but it leaves me quite daunted just trying to fathom how I do anything with the DVD Menus.
    I really don't need pretty button surrounds, or music on the DVD Index/Menu, although these options are pushed in the Help-file. I feel lucky if the DVD has the file-name next to the single button.

    ( I don't have a BlueRay burner, so it has to be DVD+R as these suit the Player. ).

    When a moderately short film is burnt to DVD, there seems to be quite a bit of "spare" and this could be filled-up with other "Trial-shorts" . . . . . that way I can watch them on a TV, or friend's projector so I know they will play and make sense, hopefully.

    This aspect of Vegas/Architect Studio does not appear in the "How to do Vegas", notes + helps on this Site. (well, I didn't find one ). Hence this "Ask" - I'm sure others new to Vegas Studio, may find similar issues. Thanks.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    Because it can't be played on a "Proper Player" I am tempted to Render and create a DVD.....I've discovered this is in 720, rather than the 1080i I thought I bought. Standards Huh!
    Actually it's 478 (US) or 576 (UK). The 1080 and 720 for High Definition relate to the umber of vertical pixels. The 720 on your DVD relate to the number of howrizontal pixels.

    But this is a standard. It is the DVD standard (OK there are a number of standards, but realistically you are either going to be working in NTSC in the US (720 x 47 or PAL/SECAM elsewhere (720 x 576)

    DVDs are standard definition (OK they can be made to do HD as well but that's beyond teh limits of what we're trying to do here).

    It's a while since I've used a Movie Studio version of Vegas/DVDA to make a DVD but I believe the principle behind making a Menu Based DVD contaning may short DVDs remains.

    Create your movies to DIsk (preferably as MPEG-2 using the DVD Architect template if it exists)

    Close Vegas and Open DVD Architect Studio.

    Choose the option to create a menu based DVD.

    Then simply drag and drop your previously created files onto the workspace. DVDAS will (hopefully) create a menu item for each one, with (by default) an image and a title.

    You are probably looking for help in the wrong place. For more info search the help file in DVD Architect Studio (under Menu Based DVD)

    good luck.

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