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Thread: Expert HD Camcorder adivce

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    Lightbulb Expert HD Camcorder adivce


    I would like advice on the following camcorders, im no expert but hopefully someone can help pick out the good and bad between them. Used mainly with family, home and away..

    Panasonic - HDC-SD80,en_GB,pd.html

    Sony HDR-CX130E

    Samsung HMX-H200

    Samsung HMX-H300

    Thanks in advance...


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    That's quite a list.

    However, what you've not said is what you plan to do:- Your " application" may narrow your choice. "Family" is pretty braod, but if you mean "just for home fun" that will reduce the price-point.
    For example the Pana80 is pretty poor in low-light according to Computer Shopper, and they suggest paying a little more for the next model up. However, it works well enough for a lightweight if you're Out and About.... but may have stability issues if you want to use it seriously, later on.

    However, the list looks like they are price-sensitive so all chips may be somewhat similar, resulting in less than excellent images....but that depends what you want...

    You also have to budget for a PC with multi-cores, if you intend to Edit any HD footage.
    ....and a choice of Editor, although there are decent "free" ones about.
    However, many "home Movies" are made with almost no editing, so this may be an easy option.
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    My wife is due our first child and wanted to use it as our main camcorder to film as he/she grows, so indoors, outdoors, birthdays, outings, fmaily gatherings etc. All are priced around the same of between £200 - £300 online.
    Just can determine what I might look out thats better than the other?

    Any advice is appreciated.


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