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Thread: Rendering poor audio quality

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    Default Rendering poor audio quality

    I just finished an edit and everytime i render the thing the audio sucks so bad , it's really horrible. I've rendered it in raw AVI dv and Mpeg 2 ... both where bad. The visual is perfect just the audio is bad.

    The normal tones are good, mid and high tones .. but when the bass kicks in it's sounds like crap. It's like a really cracking noise ... like when you play your music loud and the speakers can't handle the bass anymore.

    I use the PAL system ( europe ) and premier pro 7 ....

    I'm really pissed about this because it's a project for school ... and no good second shortfilm means ... I get sacked :(

    Thanks for the help in advance

    ps: It's not the fault of my speakers .. there bombastic fantastic ... no problems here.

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    i had that problem recently i couldn't work out how to fix it but there is a way around it. if you export the video and the audio seperatly then make a new project and put them together, i found this way you get back crystal clear sound. hope this is of use :P
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    Does that mean that you then have to re export the whole prject to create your .AVI file?

    I have had proiblems with Audio in Premiere 6. If I play a file in a standalone audio player it is great but when imprted onto the time line and when rendered it sounds compressed. I am using .avi files all the way.

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    yer but as long as the video is already rendered it shouldn't take very long at all.
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    Is it possible that the cause for the bad audio is that the music is an MP3 ... a friend told me that you can't use MP3 is premier ... that the quality is to low.

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    You'd probably be best importing a WAV file, yes.

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    which is why i suggested to export the audio, seperately as it saves as a wav.
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    Ok , i'll try that.

    Thanks for the advice

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    It worked

    thanks dude's

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