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Thread: Vegas freezing.

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    Default Vegas freezing.

    Specs: 3.07ghz, 2gb ram, sony vegas pro 9.0

    I recorded some 3 hour-ish long videos with the Pinnacle Video Transfer (look it up if not familiar). Dropping them in Vegas is laggy, but works ok. Especially when I trim them down and only use about a half hour at a time. Anyway, idk if other devices do this, but the PVT has the tendency to mess up about 5 seconds of video making the audio levels go to the max and the video be garbled/black for this time. I would like to just delete this segment of video, but whenever I stretch my video out to include it, Vegas automatically freezes. I can't select it and delete it, I can't cut/paste a segment of video after it to get past that spot, nothing. Just freezes right away. HELP

    if you need a picture of the segment of video, I could provide one.

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    It sounds like Vegas is detecting the bad frames and just giving up. I don't know a way around this. But you could try cutting out the bad frames with a program like VideoRedo and then importing that into Vegas. It's a kind of work around not a solution to the problem.

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    Thanks, I'm gonna use that program. Would be nice to have a solution in Vegas but this works.

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