Hello all, First post on the forum. I searched around before joing up and didn't find anything about this. I am sure I just missed the thread, But I was wondering if any of you guys had issues with vegas pro 10 and H.264/.mov files? I have done some reading and found that many people had issues with rendering (i.e some 5 minute clips being 10gbs after rendering) and getting the file to even work with vegas pro (no sound with video or no video with sound). I have also read that this is longer an issue. If someone could tell me if this is no longer an issue. I currently am looking to buy a new camera that does infact record with the h.264/.mov files but do not want to purchase this camera if I will be unable to use vegas pro. I am still very new to Vp10 and trying to learn how to use it well. I thank you guys for your time and hope someone can shed some light on the subject