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    I'm looking for some information relating to what wedding film makers require from a graphics package. Intro animations, DVD/Blu-Ray menu pages, transitions, lower thirds etc.

    Is this something that a package would be useful for use on all films or do you like it mix it up for different clients?

    Also, a themed package created for a wedding company would obviously cost more than one sold to as many companies that wanted to buy it, is this something that might be of interest?

    Any other information would be also be appreciated.


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    Personally speaking I've never used any package for any wedding DVD. Without exception all that I've seen look cheap and / or trashy. I use stuff shot on the day for menu backgrounds, intros etc, and the principle reason for that is that I want the product I supply to be one hundred percent individual and personalised for the customer.

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    Digital Juice seem to have the market cornered, Projects & Templates by Digital Juice though there are dozens of others online. It's a keenly priced marketplace and would no doubt take a long, long time to create these and even longer to pay their way. By the time you're in profit, tastes have changed and you'd need another batch .
    As Andy says, most are cheesy and cheap looking, though when they 1st came out I used a few tasteful (sic) ones and some were used on our commercial projects as lower thirds etc.
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    I can only echo the comments posted already. These products are typically bought by new entrants to the Market working on low budgets. Those that have the client base and therefore the funds to purchase higher end material will also have the skills and or contacts to create bespoke presentations.

    In summary, it'll be low profit, highly competitive, with likely no means of upward growth.

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    Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated.

    I've not been considering this as a sole income, by no means, but it has got me curious. And it was the amount of poor quality super cheesy stuff I seen when browsing around that made me think about it. I've been thinking along a few different lines, from editors packages and designers elements to bespoke graphics. It'll be fit around other work but I may give a couple of my ideas a go to see what happens.

    I'll get back here when I have something, but as it's being fit in around more important stuff I'm not sure how long it will be. In the mean time any other thoughts are more than welcome.


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    Do you have any recent productions / videos with examples of your work? It would help us visualise the kind of material you'd be offering.
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    There's nothing recent that can be shown here by me, but here's a link I posted elsewhere recently that's contains not quite so recent work, you may have missed it. Actually, the "Escape" logo at the start is recent, and the 3d Conic Hill Model/Map section is pretty recent.

    But the wedding graphics package I've started working on isn't anything like any of it. I'll get a chance to finish it off in not too long.

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