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Thread: Video Studio Pro x4 So easy to use

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    Default Video Studio Pro x4 So easy to use

    Pre Video Studio pro 2 I found Ulead/Corel editing suites to be very user friendly, but prone to crashes, especially during final rendering. It would often spend hours getting to about 80% then go down in flames.

    I tried lots of editing suites, but none were as easy to find your way around as Video Studio. I decided on VS Prox4 because it has native support for Tod files. The customizable interface allows me to put different parts of the desktop on a second screen.

    I use a 26"hd tv for the timeline and my second screen for the preview window & libraries. The tracks on the time line can be enlarged to fill the TV screen which is brilliant for editing straght from the timeline and makes very precise volume changes with the "rubber band" really easy even with my tired old eyes.

    The only downside I have found is that you can't drag the cursor across multiple clips to select them in the libraries.

    I know some of the other suites have better features for the expert users, but if you need a Stable, user friendly suite that does all the basics very well and has most of the features the average user will ever use then look no further, VS Pro x4 does the job. I have done my last 2 wedding videos on this programme and I used lots of effects, transitions, & titles. No crashes , very fast rendering and high quality end result.
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