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Thread: Canon xl2 or Sony HDV???

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    Default Canon xl2 or Sony HDV???


    I am wondering to buy a new camcorder but i'm not sure of what to buy. My doubt is between Canon xl2 and the new Sony HDV. I simply love canon, which has a very nice perform and a lovely style. But, in the other hand, i think HDV is the future of Camcorders and television. Sony has a lower price, but it will force me to upgrade my pc, cause with it's actual features it won't be enough.. Thatīs why i'm so confused!

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    Ps: Sorry if my english is not good enough..

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    Your english is better than most English people

    Marc the webmaster owns the XL2 and Alan Mills, who, like me, is one of Marc's evil minions owns the new sony HDV one, so i'm going to sit back and watch them fight it out

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    Well, I can't offer comparisons because I've never used the Canon Xl2s. Come to think of it I;ve hardly used my nice new Sony HDR-FX1E either as yet

    But here was my line of reasoning for choosing the Sony, and a few other points of possible interest that might help you decide.

    Till now I've used my trusty old (well not that old) Sony TRV33E which I'm very happy with so I already know and like the Sony brand. I was ready for a better camera - something in the Prosumer range. the timing was right for the Sony when it was released this year and so I thought I would future proof myself and get an HDV camera.

    The Canon costs over a Ģ1000 (UKP) more than the Sony. That I guess was a plus for the Sony. However, the Sony does not have native XLR inputs for microphones. Not a plus point, but for about another Ģ150 I got myself a Beachtek box to put between the camera and the external mics and now I can happily use my Sennheiser ME66 microphone through that.

    Not too much of a problem for me and the stuff I shoot but, from memory, the Sony is not as good in low light conditions as the Canon. Also, the Canon has interchangeable lenses. But as (just) a keen hobbyist, it's not likely I would ever purchase further lenses so this did not prove to be a plus point for me.

    Offhand, I'm not sure if the Canon has a true widescreen mode. Marc? I know the Sony does and this is what I want.

    The bottom line for me is that the canon costs half as much again as the Sony and I couldn't justify the extra for what might be a slightly 'better' camera in SD mode. Add to this that the Sony is a bit more future proofed with its HDV capability and I would have enough money left over to buy a new tripod, microphone, case, light, headphones....... I got the Sony.

    I've hardly pushed to the edge of the envelope but I'm VERY happy with it so far.

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    Ok, I'm bored of comparing the technical aspects of the cams. This is a new spin:

    If it's strictly for personal use, you own a HD TV or are about to buy one in the near future and you've got a decent PC, then get the Sony.

    If you're a semi-pro or serious amateur, who's working mostly with clients wanting SD and you want a cam that looks the biz, then get the Canon.
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    Thanks guys for the advices!

    I agree with Alan in what concern to the lower price of the new Sony HDV. I think the price disparity between the two is not so visible in terms of quality.. But i don't know if my pc is as good enough as required for HDV. I own a Pentium 4 2.8, 512 ram, radeon 9200, hard disk 120 Gb... What do you think?

    I'm starting my own business (find a job, in this area, in Portugal is rather complicated.. ) and i pretend to explore the digital advertisement. I don't know if i'm being a dreamer or crazy... but time will answer me..

    Thanks again!

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