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Thread: 3D in Vegas Studio11 - thoughts

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    Default 3D in Vegas Studio11 - thoughts

    This is a Question, but I have v10 ... the 3d additions are in v11.

    Now that some Standard Definition camcorders are falling in price, I'm wondering if there is a new use for them?

    Namely using two side-by-side (probably at the minimum Zoom setting to be sure they are very similar). . . . . to achieve a 3D effect after editing in Vegas Studio v11.

    At present I understand v11 outputs to 3D-enabled TV's - OR - as bi-colour images using the (supplied) coloured glasses.

    However, the anticipated source appears to be 3D-enabled cameras (eg Pana's ugly offering), so I'm wondering if a user of v11 have tried other 3D video sources....possibly from a pair of DSLR's - and might be an indication of this possibility.

    Any thoughts from users of v11. . . . . . . .?

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    I have used v11 with non 3D enabled camera and it works like a charm. You should not have any problem at all.

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