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Thread: How To Come Up With The Perfect Home Studio?

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    Default How To Come Up With The Perfect Home Studio?


    I searched the forum to find the perfect sub forum where my post should go. But, hard luck. There was no such place. I zeroed down on this sub section since it kid of matched my requirements. Mods, if you can find a perfect place, please move the thread.

    Ok, so here is what I am looking for.

    I am planning to do a lot of videos (Online videos for youtube). It will mostly be focusing on one person.

    I am trying to set up a home studio with the best camcorder and lighting system so that my videos look great on youtube.

    Can anyone recommend the best handycam, lighting, etc for the set up? I am from India, so there are a lot of restrictions in buying from Amazon. Most dont ship to my country.

    I think guys ship to my place for a 65$ fee. So that's pretty OK.

    Currently I own a Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD910), a cheap tripod, 8 GB sony pro duo flash card. Do I need to upgrade to HD? My handycam is not HD capable. Should I upgrade? The problem is, under low light, the video appears to be a bit grainy.

    Also my handycam does not have mic jack. So I was planning on either replacing the handycam with another one with mic jack or using a sony voice recorder to record video live and to mix with the video during editing.

    I am also looking for something like a lighting system. Not sure about which to buy. Can anyone point me to the best one on that I can use? I will use it to create a white background (preferable). I saw some tutorials which mentioned some type of lights. However, i found it difficult to find those lights online.

    Can anyone help?

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    Saw this Canon VIXIA HF M32 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder 4743B001 B&H

    Looks like a great deal. Welcoming suggestions. I am still confused about lighting to use

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