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Thread: Masking Question

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    Default Masking Question

    Hey guys,

    A question about masking... I'm running Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum v11 which I am using in relation to the software sold by the company I work for.

    The aim is to give customers clear video walkthroughs of the software and my boss wants me to highlight certain buttons they can click on the software during the video. So essentially I need a kind of mask to fade the screen besides the highlighted part darker... I know there isn't a masking tool on the punters version but is there any way I could get around this?

    Prepared to tackle the difficulties of this headache...


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    Try explaining again. At present I'm understanding you want an interactive presentation. Yes? If that's the case then the nearest I can think of, besides another prestationsoftware I've used, would be some carefully thought out DVD. But all of these musings of mine are predicated on understanding precisely what your aim is.


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    VAST videos are using some software to enlarge the screen so you can see the item being clicked, unfortunately they rush through the demo so quickly it's difficult to follow. Ideally, IMHO it would be better to have a DVD that plays on the TV, so the PC is available. Windows has a "magnifier" program, so it might be possible to use it, but I dunno how.

    Are you filming the process, or capturing a screenshot, I wonder? (See EDIT, below)

    Not my Business, but Isn't this a competitive market, with many Tutorials free, + hoping someone will buy a subscription, I guess?
    Perhaps folk here with Vegas Studio can suggest topics?
    One task you could do (very Pop with me!), how do I get the screen back to normal, now that the "Default" seems to have gone tu? It seems suggestions here don't work (in my v10).

    I bought a second screen and can use two (like a long screen), but Sony needs to stop the frames jumping about as my "Op mouse action" is a wee bit off (again, I guess).

    Good luck.

    EDIT: I may have misunderstood - the Tutorial is For Your Software and you are hoping Vegas will do the job....?
    Well, as far as I know you can alter things within a Cookie-Cutter (eg an ellipse positioned over faces, etc). I think it's in the effects menu... when you click on the footage...If the ellipse is made "brighter" that would effectively darken the rest, but you'd have to have movie-files to Edit.
    Frankly I suspect using the Win-Magnifier would be easier and then film that. You'll need a parallelogram arrangement (like Draftsmen used!) to keep the movie-camera square-on to the screen, to maintain focus....

    Or are you hoping to just stand in front of the screen and point?
    - Perhaps that's it, you don't say.
    The earlier reply I missed - someone at the door selling brushes - now where's my easel?
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    We need to know more.


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    I'm assuming you already have a screen capture of the process as a video and you want to highlight some of this.

    There isn't a tool which will allow you to draw around something within Pan and Crop, true, but there are other ways to mask.

    If the area you need to highlight is one of the regular shapes listed in the cookie cutter FX, you can use that.
    If you need a more complex shape, you'll have to create it in white on a black background in a drawing package then use the Multiply (Mask) composite method .... but cookie cutter is probably all you need.

    Like this:

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the replies! What I wanted to do was to darken certain areas of the screen so that when they watched the video and i wanted to train them as to where the button was, i could darken the screen so the button was staring at you in the face.

    What I ended up doing was in photoshop created a black background of the same size as the video clip, and added a white square the same size as the button on the screen capture. I then lowered the opacity and faded it in and out and did it in that way.

    Looks something like this albeit this is just a test one, going to do it a little better than this:

    It is going to be annoying trying to find the height and width and dimensions of the exact placing of the highlight but there we go... not enough money for the good version... as i'm saving up for a guitar amp and tape echo effect

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    Not a bad way of doing it I guess - but to make it slightly easier, grab a still at the place you want too, open it in your paint shop prog, and then over lay your colour there. No if's or but's where it should be then.

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    Another way is to use the light from the bump map to highlight what ever you want.

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    Andy Lockwood you are a genius, so much easier!

    Midnight blue do you mean the torchlight/spotlight thing in the bump map? If so i have tried that but you can't move the light from the center you can only point it in a
    certain direction and unfortunately these videos have to look quite corporate and official.... boring.
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    Your right on both counts but don't tell Andy as his head will expand to the point he may need a neck support.
    My method is limiting.:(

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