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Thread: Panasonic DMR E60 DVD Recorder & Adobe Premiere

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    Default Panasonic DMR E60 DVD Recorder & Adobe Premiere

    Hi, Iv'e got a system running Adobe Premiere 6.0 and a DV 500 card. I can capture AVIs' from a Panasonic camera via firewire. Finished files are exported bcak via firewer to new DV tapes.

    I recently bought a Panasonicd DMR E60 DVD Recorder, which is connected via firewire to the PC. I'm unable to access the DVD Recorder from the PC. The capture card does recognise a Panasonic DVD recorder in the setup window of the capture card. I have proved this by turning the DVD recorder on and off and the device appears and disappears in the status window of the DV 500.

    I've been told the DVD recorder should appear as another device, which I can write to directly from the PC. The firewire port ion the DVD recorder is certainly working as I can export form my video camera to the DVD recorder.

    Does anybody know how to get the conncetion working properly from the PC to the DVD Recorder?

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    It's my understanding that the DVin port is used for connecting camcorders rather than PCs. I'm not sure it can communicate with the PC. I may, of course, be speaking rubbish here, but I would have thought that a PC connection would have been a selling point for Panasonic - but theres absolutly nothing about this on the site other than:

    DV Input Terminal
    Record images from a Digital Video Camera onto a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc, or onto the hard disk of the DMRHS2EBS. DV auto record automatically creates a playlist of your scenes allowing easy editing (hard disk or RAM only).
    However, when you consider that you can transfer from one DV cam to another, I really don't see why the device isn't seem as a cam! Strange... and annoying I can imagine!

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