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Thread: Rowing promo - feedback please :)

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    Default Rowing promo - feedback please :)

    Hey people,

    We shot this movie and I'm hoping you can give me valuable feedback, so we're able to improve the next one we'll make in a month.

    Please, any feedback is welcome...

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    Normally you would see the comment in this section of your video is too long, however in this case it is to short. While it is full of energy and action which is great, it fails to really tell a story. It's usually a good idea to put in a narrative in a video like this so we have a start, middle and end. This seemed to just hit you with a bang and then suddenly stop. I like some of the shots so whoever was using the camera has some talent but the editing was just a bit to "crazy" for my taste.

    In your next video try and change the pace of the piece so you have fast action and then a contrast of longer more sedate shots. Kind of how a piece of music would normally have different sections. Example build it up slowly with establishing shots. then hot things up during a race or what ever, then a slow motion shot of the triumphant crew. OR something like that, it's up to you how you do it.

    Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

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    I'm not sure it's too short. I think the vid attempts to show rowing as an exciting, fun, young person's sport and emphasises the social aspects of it and it does this quite well, but it does seem to be just a collection of random shots without any real direction. It is not clear what the promo is advertising, what the emessage is. It also ends rather abrubtly.

    Drop the Belgian pseudo punk and try the even more manic and wierd, but definitely more appropriate, Hocus Pocus, by possibly the only Dutch band to score a hit outside Den Haag.

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    It's jaunty . . . . . . . but I didn't understand what angle they were achieving.
    I agree the camerawork was good...some expensive gear I suspect.

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    I rather enjoyed it. Got a few ideas from it for some of my own videos. Certainly not perfect (the suggestions above are great), but I think it accomplishes its goal of making rowing look fun, if that is indeed the goal of the video.

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    Yep! first person POV......brilliant idea and you pulled it off I liked the editing. The only thing missing was getting the rowing from the same POV in the actual boat to show the guy was a rower.

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the late reaction!

    Thanks for the great feedback, really really appreciate it. I actually shot the first person shots using a kodak playsport mounted on some glasses with foam, it was cheap and did the trick.

    I'm working on a script (thanks, I really need to get more story involved) for a longer movie, slower images, showing rowing as the beautyfull sport it is. If you have any examples of great sports advertisements, I would love to hear them.

    How do you think I can get in some movement in the camerashots, using a pole while shooting from the boat?

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    Oh and Hocus Pocus is a good suggestion, love that song!

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