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Thread: Impossible to kill the Twain files i need to fix

  1. Unhappy Impossible to kill the Twain files i need to fix

    I have a chain reaction of problems with windows 7 enterprise X64,
    that starts a with an error message when Sony vegas 10 hd premium fail to start all of a sudden, i have a hope we can work beside the problem and focus om Vegas own twain file.

    When install Sony Vegas get error - twain manager cannot be - Microsoft Answers

    All leftover "Twain" files and the folder! are protected, and it doesn't work to change admin properties inside any of them, at least when i follow this instructions myself
    Windows 7 – How to Delete Files Protected by TrustedInstaller

    There is no "apply" button inside sub-properties windows, but there is the "OK" and i think
    that must suppose to create same effect then?
    However those small square "V" check buttons are always grayed out for me!

    And the files are still protected when redoing the file search and trying to delete
    well Vegas are still installed, beacuse i dont have energy to delete it one more time, until your order me

    Ask me some check questions thanks

  2. Default

    I hope the readers got the picture though? if so just confirm,

    since i wright like an arse according to the world often, and should realize it myself before attempting posting..

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