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    Here's a vid we made for the UK Institute of Krav Maga, an Israel form of martial arts. You may have seen a few of it's moves in Batman or the Bourne Identity series.

    Filmed at a sport centre in Mile End we filmed the students as they took one of the Master Class sessions cut with several interviews over the course of 2 hours.

    We did also used a GO-PRO attached to the head of the students but the footage that came back was so mad that I couldn't use it in the edit!

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Nice work Jim. I think you made the people in the interviews come across as natural and not "Oh no someone's pointing a camera at me". Good hand held camera work.

    The only thing I would point out and this is only because I am use to seeing suchfaultless work from you, is that the colour seemed a bit off. The skin tone made everyone look as though they are a bit green around the gills, as we use to say.

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    My only criticism would be I thought the sound of the interviews was a bit unbalanced. Some came across loud and clear, others I had to work a little harder to hear. Contrast Jon Bullock's opening lines with that at 1:10. I appreciate in the former he has glass doors/partition separating him from the action whereas he's in among it in the latter, but the latter also has more intense and/or louder music track. On the other hand the lines spoken at 0:55 come across clearly even though we have background noise and loud music, because he has raised his voice here.
    There is a similar problem with the lady at 0:40. Contrast her with the nice clear audio of the two guys immediately following her - even with a guy shouting instructions in the background the first guy comes across clearly.

    I think the only thing you can do in this situation is reduce the music track further.

    (Listened to on standard 5.1 PC speaker system - mentioned as I know it can sound different on different systems)


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